Recycling junk to create fine art

By Email author - Mon, 23 May 2011 07:00:00 GMT
Recycling junk to create fine art

Using rubiish to produce works of art, an American artist is challenging the art world, creating what she calls 'Fine Art with a Green Heart'.

Ever wondered how much care for the environment has gone into that work of art that you have just fallen in love with? Well an American artist called Sandhi Schimmel Gold was concerned and is now merging fine art with protecting nature to produce beautiful works of eco-friendly art.

Sandhi creates a collection of images that are connected through colour by using materials that would normally have gone straight into the rubbish bin . Her medium of choice is junk mail as she was faced with a mounting pile of rubbish coming through her door and she decided it was time to use it rather than throw it away. ''People often ask, what came first the art or the material?'' says Sandi, ''for me, the resource I use was a real solution to a problem, how to create mosaics without cutting glass''.

All of Sandhi's works of art are created totally by working by hand, meaning no special technology, programs or dies are used. All her creations are hand-cut, hand-painted and hand-finished. Her works of art are crafted by using materials that would normally be simply thrown away adding to the mounting landfills.

Sandhi happily reuses any waste paper, including old photographs, calendars, junk mail and greeting cards. In addition, she only uses non-toxic, water-based, acid free adhesives and reuses and repurposes frames and canvases where possible.

After receiving what could be conceived as a very traditional fine art education in America, Sandhi then learnt how to mosaic in Italy, Turkey and Cyprus. It is these travels that have given her the inspiration for creating very unique paintings and mosaic infused with wonderful bursts of colour from other people's rubbish.

Her 'green' designs are proudly displayed throughout America, including the Denver Children's Hospital. By reusing and recycling rubbish and waste paper this very talent artist is able to produce unique fine art pieces that are also gentle on the environment.

To see her full collection and pieces for sale, please visit Schimmel Art. Top image credit: Love is Touching Souls © Schimmel Art.

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