Physicians Formula Organic Wear Offers a Natural Origin Makeup Alternative

By Email author - Fri, 22 Apr 2011 16:45:01 GMT
Physicians Formula Organic Wear Offers a Natural Origin Makeup Alternative

Physicians Formula now gives women the option of choosing a makeup that is good for their skin - and friendly to the environment.

Free of harsh chemicals and preservatives and packaged in using patent-pending materials that are eco-conscious, including natural goat hair bristles and a paper compact that uses more than 90 percent less plastic than traditional compacts; Physicians Formula Organic Wear makeup is breaking new ground in beauty.

It is also cruelty free and 100 percent free of parabens, which have been linked in some studies to breast cancer. Certified organic by EcoCert, Organic Wear is the first organic line of makeup available in the US. and is designed to help fortify and protect skin while providing gorgeous, healthy-looking color.

The product line for Physicians Formula Organic Wear makeup includes:

Compact Face Powder

Loose Powder

A Face-Sculpting Trio

Matte Finishing & Bronzing Veils



Liquid Foundation with SPF 15


Liquid Bronzer

Tinted Moisturizer

Eye Shadow



Lip Gloss

Lip Liner

Eye Makeup Remover

Facial Makeup Remover

There are many reasons to choose organic cosmetics over traditional varieties. They prevent dangerous synthetic chemicals from being absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, and they are not tested on animals. Furthermore, purchasing organic, eco-friendly products supports sustainable industries from a variety of sectors, and cuts down on the amount of waste that reaches landfills.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear makeup is certified organic by EcoCert, which is the leading international organization that handles cosmetics certification. The USDA regulates food only, and EcoCert has developed guidelines that relate specifically to the cosmetics industry. As part of the certification, EcoCert guarantees that the ingredients used to formulate Organic Wear have been farmed with no pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or synthetic chemicals. In addition, the formulas for all products used are vegan, but consumers should keep in mind that the brush applicators are manufactured from goat hair.

Image Credit: Physicians Formula.

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