Olsenhaus Fashions Are Business Unusual

By Email author - Tue, 14 Jun 2011 15:00:00 GMT
Olsenhaus Fashions Are Business Unusual

The truly magnificent shoes, boots and handbags made by Olsenhaus can be purchased in good conscience, knowing that no product of theirs lacks ethical standards.

Founded and owned by vegan designer Elizabeth Olsen, former creative director for Tommy Hilfiger, this philosophy against animal cruelty is infused into all of the Olsenhaus designs and is naturally carried over into every other aspect of business as well.

In fact, his 'respect for all beings' philosophy permeates the corporate culture at Olsenhaus so much so that absolutely nothing is made from animal materials.

Their factories are inspected to confirm that ethical practices are being employed and that the company's environmental impact is minimized at all times. Olsenhaus is on the forefront of demanding ethical practices from their suppliers, including the use of recycled materials and safe products.

The company is proving that ethical practices and vegan philosophies can still be business friendly. With their success, other producers are introducing eco-friendly lines. While this is to be applauded, Olsenhaus asks - why not produce everything this way?

Olsenhaus does. In fact, the whole concept behind Olsenhaus is to highlight alternative synthetic materials that are stylish, clever and even fun. Above all they are on trend and promote consciousness of ecological issues through education.

Fabulous footwear and handbags can be had without environmental sacrifices and consumers can hold on to their ethical principles. The process begins with gaining true knowledge about how manufacturing has been performed in the past, and how modern technology combined with vegan ethics can be a force for change in the industry.

The discerning consumer is now even more knowledgeable than ever before. In fact, it has become on-trend to be aware of the ethical choices that go into creating the products that we all consume. Get on board with the latest eco-friendly fashion designs and free your conscience. In the words of Olsenhaus, "We believe in a higher level of consciousness, with peace and light for all beings."

For further details, visit Olsenhaus online.

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