'Ethical Consumerism' - NoHarm Footwear & Fashion

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'Ethical Consumerism' - NoHarm Footwear & Fashion

The concept of ethical consumerism is what lies at the heart of the NoHarm brand's philosophy and it has also been the driving force behind the fine footwear, apparel and accessories the company produces.

The company sees the direct relationship between the worlds of fashion and ethics, and is poised to provide the powerful and growing demographic of eco-conscious consumers with products they can feel good about.

The term 'ethical consumerism' has been gaining momentum and recognition and is being used to describe the growing trend for consumers to seek out cruelty-free, eco-conscious and fair trade products that are produced in a sustainable manner.

NoHarm is seeking to fulfill this demand by consistently choosing socially and ecologically responsible materials and production methods for its products.

The NoHarm brand is perhaps best known for its fabulous line of high fashion, cruelty-free, vegan footwear that is manufactured using ingredients and components that are carefully researched in order to comply with strict Vegan Society Standards. Handcrafted in Italy, the products avoid child labor issues and worker exploitation concerns.

Although they look just as sharp as their leather counterparts, NoHarm Oxford boots are one of the brand's most popular options and are manufactured from a vegan, leather-free material, creating a clean, elegant style that speaks of sophistication and eco-conscious sensibilities.

Designed to go equally well with a suite or a pair of jeans, the Oxford boot comes in black and brown, and a variety of different finishes.

T-shirts are also available that are made from 100 percent organic cotton in North America. They feature the NoHarm logo and tagline, ''Truth is that which can do no harm.'' A variety of accessories, such as belts, wallets and briefcases are also in the works.

For more information or to make a purchase online, please visit NoHarm. Image Credit: NOHARM.

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