Loomstate Organic Apparel and Accessories

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Loomstate Organic Apparel and Accessories

Loomstate Organic apparel and accessories combines the best of the natural world with high quality yet casual designs that are made with a deep respect for the environment.

Since 2004 New York City clothing designers Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay Hahn have been working to create an increased demand for certified organic cotton products via their brainchild, the Loomstate Organic brand.

The company uses socially and environmentally sustainable and responsible methods of production, and the Loomstate mission is to channel the environment's natural ability to balance, shape and color itself.

Not just your average casual clothing line, Loomstate Organic draws inspiration from windswept sand dunes, sun-bleached river stones and even nature's mathematically astonishing ''Golden Ratio'' when creating its designs.

In addition, the company's designs are infused with undertones of the American youth subculture and activism that has developed over the last 40 years, and brings a sense of upbeat playfulness to its collections.

Loomstate Organic prides itself on unparalleled construction and attention to detail, combined with an ultra-modern fit and high quality, 100 percent certified organic materials.

The fabrics are washed and softened prior to manufacture, and the hardware is aged to invoke a timeless feel. The company works closely with its partners during each stage of production, ensuring that responsible, sustainable practices are upheld.

These include working only with factories that have been awarded the ''Gold Standard'' for responsible production methods, and that agree to adhere to the Loomstate Terms of Engagement and Manufacturing Agreement specifications regarding environmental and labor standards.

For example, partner facilities must make an effort to control factory pollution and adopt fair labor practices.

Organic farming is another important part of the Loomstate Organics brand, which focuses on working with farms that avoid or largely exclude the use of harmful synthetic pesticides, plant growth regulators and livestock feed additives.

Loomstate currently uses 100 percent certified organic cotton from Turkey, Peru, Africa, India and the US.

For more information or to locate a retailer, please visit Loomstate.

Image Credit: Loomstate.

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