Ellington ECO leather handbags

By Email author - Sat, 11 Jun 2011 14:15:01 GMT
Ellington ECO leather handbags

The exquisite handbags that have made Ellington popular worldwide are now available in a new, ecologically friendly leather that has already won a number of awards from environmental agencies.

The standard process of preparing leather for manufacture into handbags, clothing, luggage and more involves large amounts of energy, water and strong chemicals, not to mention the emission of waste products.

Ellington ECO Leather is produced using environmentally friendly processes that drastically reduce the use of fresh water, limit energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. The tannery used by Ellington has actually won awards for keeping the quality of its leather very high while improving its sustainability.

Available in a variety of finishes, the Ellington ECO Leather handbags are made from very supple, full grain leather complete with very rich hues and tones that come from a special drum dyeing process. By using a milling process that is unique to Ellington, the leather is imbued with a distinctive pebbled texture.

The flat or smooth grain leather is then put in a large steel or wooden drum. Natural waxes are added to the leather and then spun (or 'milled') in the drum for many hours.

It is this process that creates the pebbled texture that is so popular in today's market. Popular not just because of its environmentally friendly qualities, but also because of its fashionable good looks.

By eliminating many of the harsh chemicals and reducing the amount of water and energy that is used in the tanning and processing of leather, Ellington has made their ECO line of handbags one that ethical consumers can support wholeheartedly.

In fact, with just one look at the stunning lineup of gorgeous handbags that are available in Ellington's new ECO leather, any consumer would be tempted to make a purchase. Always on trend, Ellington can now appeal to those who spend their green on green.

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