Eco Swim by Aqua Green eco friendly swimsuits

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Eco Swim by Aqua Green eco friendly swimsuits

Leading ecological initiatives which 'reduce your carbon footprint in the sand' is the mission of Eco Swim by Aqua Green. This environmentally friendly swimsuit company strives to be the most sustainable swimsuit company on the planet.

They are doing this by using recycled materials for their swimsuits, as well as taking extra steps in their production process to reduce waste, such as banning Styrofoam and recycling of materials like paper and plastic.

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Image Credit: Copyright © Eco Swim By Aqua Green

The company was featured in the May 2011 issue of People StyleWatch and this June on Good Housekeeping online, is not only leading an initiative of sustainability and Eco-friendly practices, but they have also succeeded in designing chic swimsuits that are amazingly flattering to the ladies who wear them.

eco swim by aqua green fashion show miami

Image Credit: Copyright © Eco Swim By Aqua Green

As seen in the recent Setai Miami fashion show, the swimsuits come in a variety of neutral shades and other colors, featuring multiple shapes to flatter a variety of different sizes. But the best part is that the swimsuits are not only beautiful, but are made of sustainable and recycled materials, such as Repreve Nylon and Eco Cell Foam, purchased from long term fabric suppliers as part of the company's Aqua Green initiative.

eco swim eco friendly swimsuits

Image Credit: Copyright © Eco Swim By Aqua Green

The Eco Swim website itself contains links to a wealth of information about helping our planet. There are videos detailing the company's initiatives to help clean up the environment, as well as a wide variety of articles and blog posts aimed at teaching readers how they too can take steps to save the planet. The blog even has lessons about topics as diverse as recycling, environmentalism and how to cook on a grill in an environmentally friendly way. If education is the key, Eco Swim is definitely teaching the philosophy that everyone can do something to make a difference in the future of our planet.

Eco Swim products can be purchased at various boutiques across the US and Canada.

For more information, please visit Eco Swim online.

Top Image Credit: Copyright © Eco Swim By Aqua Green

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