Life's Art: Eco-friendly engagement rings and jewelry by Jes MaHarry

By Email author - Thu, 29 Dec 2011 10:34:18 GMT
Eco-friendly engagement rings by Jes MaHarry

Image: Deep Soul Ring; Credit & Copyright: Jes MaHarry-Sun Horse Jewelry

The season of love is an around the clock effort, especially when it comes to popping the big question. Ring hunting can be fun but can equal work, although it doesn't necessarily have to be, even if you're looking for something unique, one of a kind and eco-friendly. Jewelry designer Jes MaHarry has pretty much made the job for potential engagement ring hunters easy as she has not only created a line of rings, but each piece truly lives up to the value of "one of a kind" in her collection.

You still have the luxury of diamonds and uniquely cut stones, with the choices of both gold and silver bands. Custom carvings on each piece signify love and happiness, priceless memories and authentic bondage that are rare and unlike anything you see when you walk into a franchised jewelry store of eager sale clerks. Browsing through each piece, you notice how big of a fan Jes is of hearts, which is no surprise for a woman who pulls inspiration from nature, compassion, beauty and life in order to really create such an original collection, which is handmade in her studio in Ojai, California.

Marrakesh Trinity-WG eco-friendly engagement ring

Marrakesh Trinity-WG eco-friendly engagement ring; Credit & Copyright: Jes MaHarry-Sun Horse Jewelry

Designs and creativity not just made for your enjoyment, but also dedicated to Jes MaHarry's work of making a difference is also what makes her line extraordinary because of its contribution for a better world. Actively working with over sixteen different non-profit charities and organizations such as The Gentle Barn, Cookies for Kid's Cancer, The Global Woman Fund, and The California Wildlife Center are a few of the sixteen charities and non-profit organizations that Jes MaHarry supports and works with on a regular basis. Portions of the proceeds from the sales of specific charms, bracelets, ornaments and even rings go toward all of these unique organizations.

A lot of times, many of us don't see the beauty in eco-friendly fashion and when it comes to jewelry and accessories we probably wouldn't think twice to consider handmade in place of the usual retail fashion, especially with engagement rings.

How much more genuine and sentimental would this "big question" be if it were with a ring that was created with just as much time, commitment, and thought as your own relationship?

Jes MaHarry's passion for beauty, nature, and animals purposely shows in her work because of the passion for these elements lack today in our everyday lives.

Ultimately, the welfare of people, animals and the environment are an extremely important part of this designer's life, which has continued to inspire her to create not only jewelry but also art.

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