Eco Fashion World: Your online guide to eco-friendly fashion

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Eco Fashion World: A guide to eco-friendly fashion

Shared collective goals, personal style and consciously planned consumerism are at the heart and soul of Eco Fashion World, an online Eco-fashion guide that supports environmentally and socially responsible actions. Eco Fashion World started with four people spanning three continents who all wished to "be the change you wish to see."

The minds at Eco Fashion World are dedicated to understanding the global repercussions of careless consumerism and are actively support ethical consumerism as part of an effort to reduce poverty, prevent environmental damage and support the rights of workers worldwide. Every action has an impact and Eco Fashion World is working hard to take positive actions that energize collective transformation.

The world of Eco-fashion is gaining a steady, unstoppable momentum. New developments in sustainable fabrics occur daily and innovators are constantly giving birth to super-glam, socially conscious new collections. Celebrities are helping Eco-friendly garments gain public appeal and boutiques are working hard to give everyday people access to stylish yet sustainable looks.

Eco Fashion World has remained dedicated to staying current with the tides of change and to providing a dependable global guide for new ideas, ideals and information. The idea is to give the entire world a green guide to help consumers locate sustainable designer boutiques in destinations around the world, as well as via online shopping opportunities.

Eco Fashion World has all of the latest Eco-fashion news, reviews, designer Q&As, launch updates, store profiles and personal interviews with choice ethical divas. Here you can expect to learn more about organizations that support the Eco-fashion movement. As one of the most visible and seductive forms of artistic mediums throughout history, fashion is no longer just about "what you are wearing," it is about everything that went into what you are wearing. Fashion writers from around the world also add their voices to Eco Fashion World, making it a truly global online resource and guide for the latest Eco-friendly fashion finds.

For more information, please visit Eco Fashion World online.

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