Bamboo Skateboards from BambooSK8

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Bamboo Skateboards from BambooSK8

Image Credit: © BambooSK8

BambooSK8 emerged out of a passion for action sports and the apparent need for a green alternative in the skate world. BambooSK8 is an eco-friendly skateboard manufacturer of quality BambooSK8 branded skateboards made from sustainable bamboo with raw material sourced from managed forests. The company works to inspire skateboarders and other companies to become more eco-conscious and take productive steps towards a more promising future.

skateboarding with a bamboosk8, bamboo skateboard

Image Credit: © BambooSK8

You may ask, why bamboo? Skateboards have become the leading cause of maple deforestation, beating out other large sectors such as furniture. For a maple tree to grow to its full potential it takes nearly 50 years. Think about this, is it environmentally responsible to use a tree that has been growing for 50 years to produce skateboards? The obvious answer is no and BambooSK8 has developed a solution to this problem. Bamboo is not a tree, it is a grass - and therefore grows like one. Many species grow up to 2 feet in one day. Also, unlike maple trees, it doesn't need to be replanted because as 1 shoot is cut down, 3-5 more grow in its place.

Not only does bamboo serve as a great replacement for bamboo for skateboards, but it also brings about other positive changes for the environment. Bamboo farms help to prevent erosion through the stabilization on the dirt by their roots. These farms also help to reduce greenhouse gases and produce oxygen. This is the same for farmed maple trees, yet the effects are seen much sooner. Finally these farmed forests can provide animals with a habitat, one that has been ruined in many other areas.

bamboosk8, bamboo skateboards

Image Credit: © BambooSK8

BambooSK8 is dedicated to providing a high quality skateboard that is eco-friendly. Through their actions and their employee's actions they hope to motivate others to become more aware of how individual choices, even seemingly unimportant ones like buying a skateboard, are affecting the planet as a whole.

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