Bag It Don't Bin It is a refreshing and creative idea

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Bag It Don't Bin It is a refreshing and creative idea

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The vision for Bag It Don't Bin It is to eliminate the need for those plastic bags altogether. This innovative company has a large and diverse line of reusable bags that can be used for many purposes in your everyday life. These bags are fashion forward and one will want to use them for more than just groceries.

The days of recycling your used plastic grocery bags are over. Bag It Don't Bin It has emerged as a leading premiere ethical company with a strong social conscience. This group is ahead of the game when it comes to new and innovative ideas. They pride themselves on providing the customer with the most fashion forward and earth friendly product available on the market today. The business is run with the most reliable moral and ethical practices in place. The Bag It Don't Bin It ethical policy is explained on their website.

The bags available from Bag it don't bin it can be made of three different materials

Image Credit: Bag It Don't Bin It

The bags available from Bag it don't bin it can be made of three different materials. Currently they offer cotton, canvas or jute bags. Each of these materials is 100% sustainable and processed in the most socially responsible manner. There are many different styles and sizes of bag offered with each material option. Adding a liner for more durability and strength is also an option. They have put in a lot of time and research to determine which styles are most comfortable and functional.

The greatest feature about the Bag It Don't Bin It concept is that the bags can be personalized using any design that one can think of. This is an invaluable promotional item for your business, charity, school, town, civic group or cause. Most bag styles come unbleached and undyed, but each can be customized with any colors, logos or information your creative mind can conjure up.

There are several options when purchasing preprinted bags such as the "It" bag, which is trendy and fashionable, or the "colour-me" bag which comes with fabric crayons and can be included in conjunction with your customized bag design. They also offer "I love my city" and the "vintage tattoo" bag which is young, hip, trendy and inspired by the design style of Ed Hardy.

The options are unlimited. The only point to remember is that there is a minimum order of hundred bags- so ideally its more a wholesale business. However, not to fret, if you have only one or two bags that you would like to buy - you can order it from their sister company Doodle Bag.

Bag It Don't Bin It and Doodle Bag

Image Credit: Bag It Don't Bin It

This company is extremely socially aware when conducting day to day business and has taken substantial steps to put socially responsible practices in place. Bag It Don't Bin It only contracts with manufacturing plants that are registered as a fair trade organization. These factories must be accredited by the ISO 9001 and SEDEX. This registration assures that all the master printers employed by these factories are treated fairly and are able to retain the rights of respected and appreciated skilled workers.

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