The Autonomie Project - Fashion for the Planet and the People

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Autonomie Project - Fashion for the Planet & People

Green is changing the way people think and what they wear, and this includes fashion and footwear.

The Autonomie Project is dedicated to delivering the best Eco-friendly products available on the market. This company has been around since 2007 and is making a big impact on the Eco-friendly fashion market.

The business owners founded the company based on a strong conviction for grass roots issues and a greener earth.

Women's 'Eat Grn Veg for Life' Tee. This tee is made in the USA out of 100% organic cotton

Image Credit: Women's 'Eat Grn Veg for Life' Tee © Autonomie Project Inc.

The Autonomie Project has a business philosophy that is much different than a typical clothing manufacturer. First and foremost, the company is dedicated to creating clothes that are not going to leave a mark on the earth in the coming years. In addition, the fashions that are designed by this company are meant to be economically friendly in every way imaginable, both for the creators and the consumers.

Instead of charging their customers high prices, the Autonomie Project aims to provide the consumer with a budget friendly wardrobe that does not harm the environment or the workers used in making it.

Free Range Bib

Image Credit: Free Range Bib © Autonomie Project Inc.

This company is not just into creating 100% earth friendly fashion items like footwear and clothing, they also want to give back to the world in ways that are beneficial for everyone involved. For example, if a community needs a fresh water supply, some of the money that has been made by the Autonomie Project can be utilized to provide it.

The Autonomie Project is well known for the footwear they create. The shoes are 100% earth friendly in virtually every way you can imagine. This means they are made from organic and vegan materials that will make a soft impact on the earth's environment and the company works closely with Ethletic Footwear to deliver the ultimate green options to their customers.

Men's Organic T-shirt

Image Credit: Men's Organic T-shirt © Autonomie Project Inc.

Adults are not the only ones looking for a stylish but Eco-friendly alternative to fashion. The Autonomie Project is highly known for their Eco-friendly, 100 percent cotton baby and children's clothing, which is available through their online store. This company also takes pride in receiving materials approved by the Fair Trade commission. Customers can find a variety of organic printed t-shirts, shoes, and youth fashions.

For further details visit The Autonomie Project online.

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Top Image Credit: Organic T-Shirt © Autonomie Project Inc.

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