Ailin Eco-Sport offers Eco-Friendly Active Wear

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Ailin Eco-Sport offers Eco-Friendly Active Wear

Fashion-focused yet made for the active woman, Ailin Eco-Sport apparel is thoughtfully produced with the earth in mind.

Female climbers, surfers, skiers, riders, runners, yogis and all types of other adventuresome ladies now have a go-to green fashion line in Ailin Eco-Sport women's apparel.

With a sharp focus on style and sustainability as well as a high technical level of performance, Ailin understands that many modern consumers are looking for more than just some nice-looking clothes. As a result, the company has dedicated its considerable resources to ongoing efforts at sustainability in its manufacturing and distribution process.

By integrating a wide variety of eco-friendly fabrics, manufacturing procedures, packaging and distribution methods, Ailin is catering to the dynamic, active lifestyles of its customers, who tend to make choices based on the sustainability and functionality of the products they choose.

To meet this demand, Ailin incorporates bamboo fabric that is much more sustainable than most other non-renewable textile fabrics, as well as post-consumer downcycled polyester (PCD) that is produced and derived from PET bottles and other waste items in a number of its items.

Ailin is involved in a variety of environmental initiatives, including actively sourcing sustainable materials while designing multi-functional products for long-term durability. In addition, the forward-thinking company has started a blog at with a wealth of information about active wear fashions and adventurous lifestyles.

The company's eco-boutique features a wide variety of green fashions to choose from, including stylish soft shell and hard shell jackets, sporty capris, dresses great for travel, versatile track jackets, long and short sleeve tops in a variety of colors, and ski pants.

In addition, items like the dry wick long sleeved top are not only eco-conscious but also serve a specific function by wicking away sweat and helping to keep the upper body dry during periods of intense physical exertion.

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