Ada Zanditon: Ethical Fashion for Today's Woman

By Email author - Tue, 19 Apr 2011 11:00:00 GMT
Ada Zanditon: Ethical Fashion for Today's Woman

Since 2008 UK-based fashion designer Ada Zanditon has offered discerning women a chance to experience high style with a conscience. The line, which takes her name, is made with sustainable materials and uses ethical manufacturing practices.

Ada Zanditon's visionary designs are definitely high fashion, but they come with a serious commitment to the environment as an added bonus.

From using organic and natural fabrics, to the adoption of sustainable business practices, including a fresh perspective on waste reduction and energy conservation, the line is one of those poised at the forefront of the new e-fashion revolution.

Furthermore, Ada Zanditon uses AZO-free dye on all fabrics to prevent the release of cancer causing chemicals over time. All cloth is carefully cut with great efficiency in order to reduce waste and so excess pieces can be recycled.

In the studios, all light bulbs are eco-friendly and high efficiency, all paper and stationary is made from recycled materials, and green cleaning products are used to eliminate the release of hazardous chemicals into the environment.

Having been recognized by the likes of Vogue online, as well as by Elle and Glamour magazines (among many others), Ada Zanditon has firmly established herself and her line as a force to be reckoned with in the new world of eco-luxury fashion design.

Her current collections, which are comprised of women's clothing and jewelry, are as varied as the environment from which they draw inspiration, coming in a variety of looks that are sure to get as much attention off the runway as they did on it.

The spring and summer collection is ''a mathematical exploration of spiritual and environmental ideas,'' drawing much of its inspiration from the Great Pyramid in Egypt, contrasted with the organic, diaphanous influence of natural coral reefs.

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