Throw an Eco-Friendly Party

By Kirsten E. Silven - 27 Feb 2011 23:5:1 GMT
Throw an Eco-Friendly Party

Every child loves to have a special party on his or her birthday, but the environmental impact of plastic cutlery, paper plates and throwaway cups (not to mention the wrapping paper and other gift packaging materials) can be staggering and can cast a shadow over the celebrations for eco-conscious families. Luckily, there are a number of excellent ways in which you can create a perfectly fun party without contributing to the world's environmental problems.

Here are some simple ideas to help you throw the best party of the year.

Start with the invitations, which are traditionally colorful cards and letters, sent out using snail mail. While pretty and fun to receive, these typically end up being discarded rather quickly (and hopefully recycled). The Internet is a much faster and more eco-conscious way to send out invitations, and for friends and family who are not online, over the phone or in person invitations also work great.

Games are always fun to play at parties, but again these can be very wasteful. Many children love to get creative, so it can be fun to encourage this kind of activity. Instead of buying expensive (and synthetically dyed) construction paper, etc. take old magazines and other throwaway items, such as old cereal boxes and plastic bottles, and encourage the kids to make something together.

For example, you could make plastic bottle green houses to keep a plant in; old bottle tops and CD’s can be used to create pretty bird frighteners that work to protect seeds in the garden; old magazines and other paper items can be cut up to make collages. By getting truly creative, you can teach children about recycling in a fun way, and at the end of the day they can take their creations home to use.

Decorations for parties are often bought from shops and then thrown away at the end of the day. Instead, encourage your child (and perhaps a few of their closest friends) to help make their own decorations. If this is not an option, you can also find some excellent party wear items made from recycled paper and plastics.

Food can be a tricky one, and many parties are full of over processed, fatty and sugary foods. Instead, create a stunning table out of colorful local produce. Fruits look beautiful and also taste fantastic. In addition, finger foods do not require as many individual plates or forks, which makes them even more ideal.

Think about recycling and reducing the amount of waste that is produced by your party as well. The activities should make it fun for the kids without wrecking the environment. By following these simple tips you can create a party everyone can enjoy - even Mother Earth.