Sustainable Style at H&M

By Brooke Janssens - 13 Apr 2011 12:59:0 GMT
Sustainable Style at H&M

Living an eco-conscious lifestyle is starting to become a heck of a lot easier, as the amount of 'green' choices we have available are always growing. From the soap we wash our dishes with, the food in our fridge, and even our light bulbs and skincare; we can now opt for sustainable products to go with all the recycling and conserving we do.

H&M, the internationally loved Swedish retail store, is making strides on adding clothing to people's list of sustainable products. This month the chain is introducing their Conscious Collection; which will feature clothing made from environmental friendly materials. Some of the materials include organic cotton and linen, recycled polyesters, recycled wool, Tencel and recycled plastic for accessories. The garments must contain 95% or more sustainable fibers to warrant a green hang tag.

The Conscious Collection is an effort to showcase the possibilities of sustainable fibers, and spread awareness of what H&M is doing to move forward with environmental friendly clothing options. Having worn some of H&M's recycled garments before, I can say people may be surprised at the quality and attractiveness these fibers are capable of. Also, you won't feel like being eco-conscious is costing you more either, as H&M's sustainable garments have very low price points.

All the pieces will be in shades of white, one of this season's biggest fashion trends and a typical staple color for spring. Womenswear will carry a romantic theme, with long floating skirts, blouses, and tunics. Lacey details and English embroidery will play a big part in a lot of the pieces. Menswear will include preppy button-downs, blazers, trousers, collarless shirts as well as some printed shirts. The Conscious Collection will be on sale in all H&M stores on April 14th 2011.