Support greening our planet on Earth Day 2011

By Lucy Brake - 12 Apr 2011 13:12:0 GMT
Support greening our planet on Earth Day 2011

This year's campaign is focused on reaching a billion different acts to green our world and raise awareness about the importance of the Earth's environment. There are a number of different themes being promoted where people can get involved to help make a difference including greening America's schools, greening athletes, creating a more sustainable economy, supporting a more environmentally-aware world of arts and global reforestation.

Support greener schools

The Earth Day Network is supporting a campaign that has been running since 2005 to help green America's education system. The aim is to help schools save millions of dollars in power costs, increasing recycling, improving awareness about sustainability as well as significantly reducing pollution levels. This year schools throughout America are looking at ways to improve efficiencies and environmental practices in the areas of transportation, curriculum, classrooms and facilities, food provision and also recreation.

Support global reforestation

One of the main areas of action being targeted by Earth Day is reforestation around the world. In 2010 the Earth Day Network helped plant more than 1 million trees in 16 countries under an initiative known as the Avatar Home Tree project. This year they are partnering with not-for-profit organisations to plant at least another million trees.

Known as the Canopy Project, this year's efforts are concentrated on places that need the most urgent assistance for reforestation, including Brazil, Haiti and Mexico as well as urban centres throughout America. The goals include both greening our urban spaces and working towards reducing greenhouse gases through increasing the global forest carbon sinks. As well as contributing towards the Earth Day's 2011 campaign of a Billion Acts of Green, every tree planted will also be added to the United Nations Environment Program's Billion Tree Campaign, which is a global tree-planting program.

To date over 80 million acts of green have been pledged for Earth Day 2011 as people around the world are inspired and mobilised to show their own commitments to global sustainability and protecting the Earth's precious environment.