Stay True to your Beliefs with a Green Job

By Kirsten E. Silven - 06 Mar 2011 9:24:0 GMT
Stay True to your Beliefs with a Green Job

You may be considering a change of career, or trying to decide what you would like to do for a living after graduation. For eco-conscious individuals there are plenty of green jobs which allow you to uphold your principles and help the world learn how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

You could choose to work for a company with very strong ethics and progressive policies in place that ensure the business is run in a way that is kind to the planet. There are some amazing firms, for example, that encourage all of their employees to bicycle to work and purchase office materials that are made from renewable sources and manufactured using recycled materials.

There are also careers today that allow you work on changing the very ways in which humans consume energy. For example, solar energy and wind farm jobs are excellent choices if you feel strongly about reducing energy waste. You could work as an engineer, or go for an office-based position within the company.

Horticulture is another eco-friendly way to earn a living, and it is an excellent career choice for people who love the outdoors. Working on an organic farm is perfect for people who want to live out in the country, for example. You could choose to help farm produce, raise livestock, or work in a farm shop where local organic produce is sold.

Governments are also taking the issue of climate change very seriously, and there are departments that have opened up to help the public change their old energy consumption habits. If politics are more your speed, you could try to join a government team that helps generate new ideas about ways to adopt healthier lifestyles.

There are so many existing jobs to choose from, or perhaps you are hoping to start your own business. If so, be sure to promote the fact that you are a green company, and aim to attract a following that holds the same beliefs as you do, while consistentlly converting those who don't. Regardless of which green career path you choose, creativity will likely be key, as there really are no limits to the number of eco-friendly jobs that could exist in the future.