Solar power and tree planting: IKEA's growing greener

By Colin Ricketts - 21 Sep 2011 15:11:1 GMT
Solar power and tree planting: IKEA's growing greener

Image Credit: © IKEA

Swedish furniture giants IKEA are putting great store in their green credentials, announcing a new solar power project this week and even going as far as planting nearly two million trees in the US.

In Emeryville California the company - which is the world leader in home furnishing - says the new solar panels on its store will cleanly provide the same amount of energy that would keep 64 homes going for a year.

IKEA stated aim is to 'be a good business while doing good business' and the firm now has 11 solar energy projects up and running in America with more on the way.

"We are thrilled at how this solar energy system furthers our sustainability commitment at IKEA Emeryville," said Patrick Choa, IKEA Emeryville store manager.

Elsewhere, IKEA's US president Mike Ward, used his attendance at this year's Climate Week at 7 World Trade Centre in New York to announce: "Sustainability is a core part of IKEA's business strategy."

Ward, sitting on a six-person panel on sustainability, said: "We are committed to a long-term strategy in which all IKEA stores and buildings will be supplied with 100% renewable energy. In addition, we want to improve our overall energy efficiency by 25 percent over 2005. We already have more than 40 solar panel installations around the globe (11 in the US), and are expanding our efforts with both on- and off-site renewables. These energy efficiency measures are in the long-term interests of our customers, business and our world."

Among IKEA's ecological policies in America are: stopping using plastic bags; more efficient loading and warehousing to cut its CO2 use in transporting goods; stopping the sale of old-style incandescent light bulbs, and helping American Forests in planting 1.9 million trees.