Raising an Eco-Friendly Baby without Breaking the Bank

By Kirsten E. Silven - 06 Mar 2011 9:11:0 GMT
Raising an Eco-Friendly Baby without Breaking the Bank

As an eco-conscious parent you may be looking for some ideas about how to reduce the amount of waste that often comes hand in hand with raising a baby. Many of the well-known organic and natural branded products have huge price tags associated to them.

For those who do not have bottomless pockets, here are a few simple tips on how you can raise an eco-friendly baby and do your bit for the world without going broke in the process.

First, look at the products you are using, such as diapers and baby wipes. These are huge contributors to landfill sites and they take many years to bio-degrade. One way to help reduce your impact is to use washable diapers instead.

You will need to make an initial outlay to buy the product, and yes you will have to work harder, but they are much kinder to the environment, and to the baby's skin. In addition, you will ultimately spend much less money on diapers than you would if you used the disposable variety.

As for wipes, the best option is to use a soft cotton flannel and warm water. This way, there are no chemicals being used on the delicate skin of your child, and no additional waste is being created. If you find it impossible to cope without wipes while you are out and about, then at least make the effort to put a ban on using them while at home.

Baby foods that have been premade often contain far too many preservatives and unhealthy additives. A simple alternative is to use locally sourced organic produce and make your own. Buying single carrots, sweet potatoes and apples, for example, will not break the bank and is far cheaper than buying pre-packaged goods.

Spend one day a week creating baby's meals and then freeze them in ice cube trays. They are easy to serve and store, and far healthier for your child. Pop one or two cubes out every time you need a meal and defrost then gently heat or serve room temperature. In this way, you can also teach your infant to love fresh foods as soon as you begin the weaning process.

Making a few simple changes can encourage your child to grow up thinking about how to be green. All of your habits will become second nature over time, and the planet will hopefully be as happy and healthy as your child for many years to come.