New fashionable outdoor-wear from recycled plastic.

By JW.Dowey - 29 Aug 2017 9:25:0 GMT
New fashionable outdoor-wear from recycled plastic.

James here is the joint owner of Asanox with Julia Sprenger. They have combined their adventure and luxury-brand experience in a great mix of function and fashion.

Outdoor jacket image; Credit: ©

The end-products of recycling PET plastic bottles (made from polyethylene terephthalate) are becoming more interesting by the day. With cosmetic products filling the oceans with micro plastic globules and gyres filled with plastics, the time has come to kick back and remove as much plastic from our environment as possible. A new company called Asanox is making progress in this field with a KICKSTART funding programme. While we ourselves need to get up to date on eco-fashion (don’t we all), these novel jackets and T-shirts are particularly efficient, even compared to the industry leaders. People seem to want to project an eco-friendly image in this age of diesel coughs and climate change. The ability to combine that look with the best of eco-practice and the Asanox-pledged donation to leads then to colour choices and exactly how you wish outdoor clothing to appear.

Asanox use organic cotton alongside their recycled plastic. The ecodown padding in their lightweight jacket contains the PET while the shell is also a 100% recycled Japanese fabric. A 100% cotton military fabric called ventileis the waterproof shell for their sports jacket, previously known as a densely-woven heavy cotton lifesaver for pilots.

Obviously, the UK company mean to produce high performance garments that both function and provide peace of mind that the environment is suffering less. The use of these jackets in urban situations is of course another priority for many, while unisex functionality is another area in which these products could star.

The functions of the recycled material and the organic cotton are partly to provide exceptional warmth in winter situations/on top of a mountain. They are very capable of keeping you completely dry in wet conditions while they keep you cool in summer.

The crowdfunding model has appealed to many companies now and should serve this new outer-clothing organisation here well as they prepare to start up in many countries. Kickstarter is the name of the company responsible, with the big beginning next weekend on 3rd September. It will be our pleasure to follow this innovation in fashion, recycling, sustainability--- and environmental progress. We are pleased to freely advertise such ecofashion, all for the greater cause of Surfers against sewage!