Livia Firth's 'big hit' eco-friendly Oscars gown

By Louise Saunders - 08 Mar 2011 16:40:0 GMT
Livia Firth's 'big hit' eco-friendly Oscars gown

Livia Firth has revealed her eco-friendly Oscars gown - which was created out of 11 vintage dresses from as far back as the 1920s – was a 'big hit' among her fellow celebrity attendees.

Livia Firth's eco-friendly Oscars dress was a ''big hit'' among her fellow celebrity attendees.

The Italian film producer - who is married to Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth - had the cream gown she wore to the Academy Awards exclusively created for her by British designer Gary Harvey out of 11 vintage dresses from as far back as the 1920s, including a piece of silk from a nightgown belonging to her great aunt.

Using the awards season to showcase a whole host of ethical brands, Livia admitted she received a huge amount of compliments from stars admiring her gorgeous gown.

She told Grazia magazine: ''I think I showed everyone you can be stylish, sexy, feminine and ethical. Colin thought every outfit was wonderful.''

''I got compliments from everybody and on the night of the Oscars not one person said anything but something lovely about my dress. It was definitely a big hit.''

Meanwhile, ethical writer Lucy Siegle - who worked alongside Livia on her Green Carpet Challenge - explained she was so emotional when she saw the eco-friendly gown on Oscars night that Colin had to fasten his wife into the dress.

Lucy said: ''I turned up at their hotel room to help Livia. But having spent so long talking about the dress I was so completely emotional I just burst into tears. I'd bought a pair of white gloves so that when I fastened her up I wouldn't mark the dress but Colin had to help me to a chair where I just cried.''

''This was their moment, but the two of them were ridiculously calm. Colin had to fasten all the corsets while I just blubbed like a total drama queen!''