Hey, Drain Buster - try your skill at waste disposal.

By Dave Armstrong - 03 Feb 2016 10:50:1 GMT
Hey, Drain Buster - try your skill at waste disposal.

North to Aberdeen or south to Southampton, intrepid waste finds ways to upset the UK environment, whether you know it or not . This useful data will inform all of us about a problem that is international, certainly for urbanites, but very relevant to our ecology everywhere.UK image; Credit: © Shutterstock

Drainage is becoming more of a problem as we modernise multiple services but don’t understand the modes of disposal necessary for our sustainability. A survey 0f 1101 people by the UK-based Lanes Group highlights The Drain Offenders in many cities and counties around the country. This is a growing enterprise who have been cleaning up almost every facet of British infrastructure from Network Rail to Thames Water for a quarter-century. Relevant to every city to some extent, this report makes us able to focus on our own city anywhere, whether it resembles London or Aberdeen. In the suburban wilds, unfortunately, we are of the opinion that rural folk can just dig their own landfill, or hopefully recycle with their own waste system

Fats and oils are the focus in Birmingham (in the UK Midlands) where results indicate that 68% of the population wash them into the waste water pipes. Hopefully the same attitude isn’t found in work situations where old motor oil and the like could create havoc in sewage systems and drains. The ex-second city of the Empire is in fact the worst recorded place for sticking unfriendly things down the toilet or sink (86.7% of the population.) The tragic side of these lipids is that 75% of sewage problems are created by them in the UK.

We don’t want to pick on anybody in particular (except we just did), so it is probably better to see which areas perform worst for different disposals. Liverpudlians can be seen to place cat litter down the toilet in 2% of cases, with Geordies (Newcastle) supplying their flush toilets with cigarette butts (7.7%) and, OFC (!) condoms (15.4%.) Glasgow on the other hand only admits to the least of inappropriate flushing (56%), apart from their unwanted medications, at 8%.

As always, paper products can be the biggest problem, at least in the domestic situation. Flushable wipes are not flushable at all. So that leaves just Poo, Pee and TOILET Paper (not kitchen towels) as safe for your ever-friendly but yawning white receptacle. They are emphasised as The 3 Ps for those who still haven’t got the hang of this idea.

This game supplied by Lanes will entertain anyone who is mightily interested in what must not block your sewer. It is called FACT or FLUSH. . As an alternative, for those not too bored at work, here is how the best office in the world disposes of all of its waste internally.