Green Riders are Bali High

By Dave Armstrong - 07 Aug 2012 13:7:7 GMT
Green Riders are Bali High

Mount Bromo; Credit: © Shutterstock

With their pedalling behind them and the delights of Bali awaiting, the Green Riders can recall their achievements from a brightly coloured green point of view.

With all those countries traversed and so many environmental causes affiliated, you'd think Jamie and Kenny would be worn off by their stocking tops. NO, they planned to ride up Mount Bromo in East Java. See how they managed it in this video:

Meanwhile they have spent the last six weeks entertaining us, as follows:

Biking over 1327km and filming episodes of their bamboo bike trek for 53,000 supporters.

Ecotourism was one of their first visits we covered in South Thailand.

Recycled tires formed a school playground in Krabi.

Tree planting at schools was both encouraged and carried out!

A university group in Malaysia who made THEIR bikes from scrap and rode them 700km was encountered. Akmal Azfar must be congratulated on his wholesale approach to recycling!

The youth rangers of Kelab Alami in Johor were visited to investigate their mangrove conservation.

Lots of sustainable local initiatives and NGO activity in Singapore.

And Yogyakarta's socially responsible business and cafes were visited and invited to take part in reducing carbon footprints.

Gear reviews for everyone provide ideas on what works in the story of our pedalling pair of heroes.

Now they are well on the way to reducing their own carbon footprint ($1750 has already been donated), they are seeking to extend the success of their journey and encourage others in environmental, sustainable development is this precious area of the world. So much diversity of forest fauna and flora depends on their personal and others' public appreciation of this task facing all of us, but particularly the inhabitants of SE Asia.

Link: GREEN RIDERS: Southeast Asia

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