Green Plug business practices praised by AlwaysOn

By Dave Armstrong - 25 Sep 2011 5:5:0 GMT
Green Plug business practices praised by AlwaysOn

Digital power controllers have contributed a lot to Green Plug's most prominent praise yet from "AlwaysOn". The top 200 private businesses that produce high growth using environmentally friendly practices are rewarded by this magazine. AlwaysOn will highlight their winners in California this weekend on the 27/28th September in San Francisco Town Hall. With two hundred companies to attend as winners, the party should go on all night.

Green Plug come tops under the category of "Energy Management, The Smart Grid and Energy Efficiency". They seem to dominate the market in clever power controllers, which can control voltage and power switches even when the device is turned off.

Smart Grid is perhaps the most interesting recent development in both European and US electronic researches. To check on developments, you can review the early systems in Italy or the cities of Austin, Texas or Mannheim in Germany (extant since 2003).

In many ways, Green Plug has energy management and efficiency techniques well-covered. "Green Plug brings advanced digital technology and innovation to a largely neglected analogue product space - the ubiquitous power adapter bundled with nearly every consumer electronic device," quotes Frank P. Paniagua, Jr., founder and CEO of Green Plug. "We are pleased to be recognized by AlwaysOn for introducing innovative technology that enables chip-makers and power supply manufacturers to bring further green technology innovations to market."

Certainly Green Plug were first in the field and intend to hang on in there. 30% of world CE power adapters will be digital in two years, Mr Paniagua claims. Chip-makers and power supply manufacturers will have already taken note.

Apart from the highlighted winner in San Francisco, the other 199 companies are grouped in nine categories as:

Biotech Biofuel and Agriculture

Clean Energy (not solar or biofuel)

Water Technology and Treatment

Solar Energy

Green materials and Green Building

Green Automobiles and Transportation

Energy Storage Systems

Energy management, Smart Grid and Energy Efficiency, and

Data Center Efficiency.

All very commendable and bound to encourage the runners-up. From Agnion in Wilmington to Extreme Power in Kyle, Texas in, though, there are many more big "greentech" winners this weekend in Green Plug's energy category alone. The organisers are bound to continue this, "Going Green 2011" for another five years and they and their publication must give themselves an award for pointing out successes we could otherwise miss.

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