Green motor sport becomes a reality

By Lucy Brake - 24 Jan 2011 9:15:0 GMT
Green motor sport becomes a reality

Picture © Raven

The EV Cup will be a new green racing circuit to be held on world class racing tracks in UK, Europe and America over the summer and autumn seasons later this year. The London-based company proudly displayed the new 'green' racing cars at the recent Birmingham International Autosport Show and announced the new era of motor. They have also indicated plans for a city street race of the electric vehicles.

The Director of the EV Cup, Sylvain Filippi says, "The electric car is already changing the world and soon will begin to revolutionise the face of traditional motor-sport across the world by embracing the issues of the day from straightforward zero emissions, to eco-friendly cars, sustainability and corporate social responsibility". The commercial and business world is likely to sit up and take notice now as they see the fantastic opportunity presented by the first green car racing circuit. Being a part of the new eco-friendly sporting event would potentially add significant credibility to a company's sustainability portfolio.

There are two classes in the EV Cup that electric cars can enter into. The City EV class is for carbon-free urban cars and the Sports EV class is for race cars racing 185 kph (or 115 mph) powered by batteries made from lithium ion phosphate. There is a third category planned, called the Prototype EV class, which is to showcase time trials for non-production electric cars driving on both the race and street circuits.

This is the latest development in electric cars and zero-emission vehicles and will provide an excellent platform for a sustainable motor sports industry. This kind of exhilarating sports event will help manufacturers and suppliers of electric cars promote the green technology in innovative and fun ways.

Damon Hill, famous Formula One British racer, totally supports the concept: "Racing electric vehicles should convince the wider public of their potential. Racing was initially used to develop and prove a new product called the motor car. I see no reason why electric vehicle development will not benefit in the same way". The new EV Cup provides a fantastic platform from which to develop the real potential that both electric power and also dynamic energy recovery has to offer the world.