Gammon promotion of farmers' markets

By Dave Armstrong - 29 Sep 2011 9:55:0 GMT
Gammon promotion of farmers' markets

A lovely lady called Robin Gammon backs Hilary Clinton's farming focus on "heartier crops" this Autumn by pushing the direct-sell aspect of markets. Her recommendations are:

  • Take the entire family to the farmers market and buy a fruit or vegetable you haven't tried before. Ask the farmer for preparation or cooking tips.

  • Eat seasonal produce. Produce is usually fresher and cheaper when it is in season.

  • Make meal planning a family activity.

  • Before going to the grocery store, plan meals for the week.

  • Plan quicker meals for nights that you have evening activities.

  • Try to make each meal balanced by including all or most of the food groups.

    She uses the UN as an example of world leaders encouraging thriving children, families and communities.

    American families and many countries worldwide have found farmers' markets cost effective, friendly and obviously close to nutritionists' hearts. But you've got to congratulate that girl called Gammon.

    Now if you haven't time to read Gammon's gourmet delights, her colleague, Lorin Fahrmeier, also a nutritionist in Missouri, has a hand- on approach, with the farm to school network.

    She gets involved in health education, school meals and agriculture education particularly, but supports Robin by recommending buying at least local apples or watermelon for a fresh taste that's easier than more complex cooking.

    The whole ideology of nutrition can reach a plate near you, by cutting down transport, preservation and the like. That's eco-possible!

    Top Image Credit: Farmers Market Vegetables © snaphappysara

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