Efficient use of ICTs - How one UK education organisation reduced CO2 footprint

By Simon Kent - 26 Nov 2010 10:22:6 GMT
UK education organisation reduced CO2 footprint using ICT

Education Bradford, a not-for-profit education partnership in the UK have delivered an impressive reduction on the CO2 footprint caused by ICT use throughout their 180 schools.

A combination of more efficient storage solutions and a remote ICT management system which covers every device used within the partnership has revolutionised ICT support services and seen a decrease in the overall cost of technology to the organisation.

However, features such as the ability to monitor device use and efficiency as well as remotely shutting down PCs which are not in active use have brought other ecological benefits.

"As well as offering a faster and improved service to our customers, the schools, it is nice to know we are also playing a part in reducing the impact of climate change," says Wendell James, computer services manager at Education Bradford, "Due to the ability to turn off left on PCs and optimise power settings we anticipate the potential to reduce carbon emissions by up to 223 tonnes in CO2 for the first year in line with the requirements of the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme."

The solution, which has been created by specialist education technology companies Redstor and CentraStage gives every school a complete view of their hardware and software use and ensures licenses are kept up to date.

It also monitors the efficient use of memory and running speeds allowing technicians to act on problems before they arise. Not only that, but since the solution provides remote access, many problems can be solved without the technicians having to visit the school's site.

"We will also reduce and eliminate wasted travel time to schools for our technicians in relation to ICT support calls which can be solved remotely," notes Mr James.

Taken together, the remote management solution and improve storage system has the potential for delivering some £16,600 of energy savings for Education Bradford every year.

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