Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Are A Must

By Kirsten E. Silven - 19 Dec 2010 8:36:2 GMT
Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Are A Must

Cleaning Products via Shutterstock

If there were a way to keep your house in fantastic condition without causing harm to the environment or your family, would you do it? Well, this is at least partly possible today, simply by switching to eco-friendly cleaning products in your home. The benefits of forming greener cleaning habits are worth making this easy change.

The first reason to do it, of course, has to do with the health of you and your family.  The chemicals used in the more traditional manufactured products are often highly carcinogenic. This means that over time they build up in your blood stream, both through inhalation and/or via absorption through the skin, and they can cause cancer.  In the short term, you may find yourself overcome by fumes, feeling nauseous and/or experiencing headaches as you clean.

By opting to use natural and organic ingredients, eco-conscious companies have come up with some amazing cleaning materials that work effectively and are much healthier for you to use.  They have spent time discovering less harmful alternatives to the chemicals previously used and have come up with a full range of products for all of your cleaning needs. By using natural essential oils, and plant extracts, there are now powerful cleansers that will not have a negative effect on your health or the environment.

This is not the only way eco-conscious cleansers work to improve our quality of life. By using fewer chemicals in the production process, the atmosphere is not as clogged with pollutants. Many progressive companies even challenge themselves to make sure that all packaging is made with a reduced carbon footprint.

This is made possible by ensuring the company recycles waste products in their everyday working life.  Many environmentally friendly corporations also encourage workers to walk or bike to work as a way to further reduce emissions.

When it comes to containers that hold natural cleaning aids, genuine eco-friendly manufacturers will use only plant-based plastics.  These are fully compostable and will break down naturally, unlike their synthetic relatives which only clog up landfill sites and give off harmful chemical emissions.

Harmful chemicals that are still commonly used in the making of plastics are derived from fossil fuels.  These are non renewable and will eventually be depleted if we continue at our current pace.  Luckily, progressive companies are eagerly looking into and using bio plastics as an alternative. Plants are renewable, provided their longevity is protected by replanting and careful farming without the use of herbicides, pesticides and/or chemical fertilizers.

Labels and boxes for eco-friendly cleaning products should also be made from materials that are sourced from sustainable forests. This way, for every tree that is cut down others are planted.  This aids in the survival of forests, the animals that make it their home, and the lives of the people who live in and/or find their food in these areas.

So, when purchasing cleaning products for your home, be sure to read labels and look for symbols and words that indicate the product is compostable, organic, natural, recyclable, low carbon and/or has been harvested in a sustainable way. Choose to support manufacturers that firmly believe in the future of our global environment, and you can clean your home safe in the knowledge that you are doing your part to clean up the planet.