Cycling for the environment, the 2011 Climate Ride NYC to Washington DC

By Kirsten E. Silven - 07 May 2011 13:59:0 GMT
Cycling for the environment, the 2011 Climate Ride NYC to Washington DC

Designed for cycling enthusiasts who are also concerned about the environment, Climate Ride 2011 runs from New York City to Washington DC and promises to be a fun and meaningful adventure for everyone involved.

Connecting two of the most important cities in the US, the five-day ride departs from a Manhattan ferry and ends at an exciting rally held on the steps of the Capitol building in DC. More than just a standard road tour, Climate Ride unites more than 150 riders who are committed to the sport - and to furthering sustainability while preserving the environment.

A bicycle tour such as this one is the perfect way to draw attention to the many issues surrounding climate change, since cycling is the ideal carbon-free mode of human transport. Riders participating in the event will experience a variety of fun cycling challenges and gorgeous scenery, while also receiving the opportunity to learn from a number of dynamic speakers.

At 60 to 80 miles per day, the ride is tough but not overwhelmingly so for seasoned riders, and everyone is given the entire day to make it to the next destination, as well as access to help from the Climate Ride support team.

Day 1 features 45 miles of riding from Manhattan to Princeton, New Jersey and winds from the bustling city through the rural countryside and small farms of the Garden State.

Day 2 steps up the pace to 60 miles and takes participants to Valley Forge Historic State Park in Pennsylvania.

Day 3, at 69 miles, is the longest leg of the tour and continues through the scenic Pennsylvania countryside, ending at a traditional Mennonite summer camp in the region's historic Amish country.

Day 4 takes cyclists 62 miles across the impressive Susquehanna River and through a number of small towns near DC, ending at a cozy eco-retreat where hotel rooms and cabins are available.

Day 5 calls for an early start and winds the final 60 miles through Maryland, with a stop for lunch in historic Silver Spring before hitting the final leg of the journey to the Capitol. At the conclusion of the ride, a statement will be given on the Senate Lawn about the importance of climate change action and the need for continued development of renewable energy sources.

For more information or to donate, please visit Brita Climate Ride NYC-DC 2011.