A Billion Acts of Green: Earth Day 2011

By Lucy Brake - 03 Mar 2011 19:44:0 GMT
A Billion Acts of Green: Earth Day 2011

A Billion Acts of Green, the largest environmental service campaign in the world, is building its commitments and with over 45 million acts registered to date it is likely to reach the one billion mark by Earth Day on 22 April 2011.

Recognisinghow individual actions can have a major impact on the environment, Earth Day 2011 embraces the power of millions. The idea behind the campaign is to gain personal, corporate, governmental andorganisationalpledges in the lead up to Earth Day to act and live more sustainably.

The goal of the 2011 Earth Day campaign is to register at least one billion actions before the 2012 Earth Summit in Rio. A dedicated website has been set up where people can quickly and easily register their commitments online, using the power of the internet to create and inspire change.

Pledges from business, organisations, governments and individuals are being taken through the website to honor Earth Day and create a more sustainable world. The actions are intended to be a promise of individual steps and organisational initiatives that are simple and easy to initiate and to advance the target of global carbon emission reduction.

There are some exciting elements included in the Earth Day 2011 campaign and the organisers are hoping these will appeal to each of us to encourage a green revolution:

  • Trees for the Earth is supporting reforestation of the important global natural forests.
  • Green Schools is dedicated to greening schools throughout America within just one generation.
  • Creating Climate Wealth is driving the global green technology economy through convening some of the top entrepreneurs in the world and assigning them the goal of solving climate change.
  • Athletes for the Earth is a campaign to bring a voice to professional athletes around the world.
  • Women and the Green Economy is about engaging female leaders to dedicate themselves to creating a green economy.
  • Arts for the Earth is focused on celebrating work by green artists and brining sustainability to museums around the world by partnering up with the American Association of Museums.
  • When millions of people come together with the aspiration of improving the Earth's environment the impact can be huge, and A Billion Acts of Green shows just what kind of influence and change can result from a global movement like Earth Day.