Wave power generator tested in Black Sea storm

By Adrian Bishop - 24 May 2012 16:59:0 GMT
Wave power generator tested in Black Sea storm

Credit: © Eco Wave Power

A medium-sized wave power plant has been successfully tested in storm waters in the Black Sea. The Eco Wave Power (EWP) system, which can generate enough electricity for 10 households from two floaters, was installed to mark international Mother Earth Day in April.

EWP says that once a full commercial scale plant is constructed it will unveil the build and production costs - which will be lower than any other energy generation system.

The Black Sea was chosen is it allowed EWP's wave power generators to be tested in uncontrolled waters.

EWP tested its Wave Clapper and Power Wing floaters and measured the KW output obtained from various wave heights and timescales, even surviving five metre storm waves.

It also examined the influence of side waves, connected the floaters to electric devices and showed an electricity supply, tested how they performed close to each other, united both floaters to one electric grid and charged a common accumulator and tested the storm-protection mechanisms.

The medium-scale power plant will now be tested in different coastal conditions, in order to show that it can operate in different ocean areas.

EWP will the construct its first commercial scale Sea Wave Power Plant, and reveal the exact prices of construction and production, which the company claims will be cheaper than any other renewable or traditional energy generation system.

EWP founder, David Leb, says, "Eco Wave Power is aware of the impact that pollution has on the world. According to a Cornell study, about 40 percent of deaths worldwide are caused by water, air and soil pollution. Such environmental degradation, coupled with the growth in world population, is major causes behind the rapid increase in human diseases.

"Both factors contribute to the malnourishment and disease susceptibility of 3.7 billion people. EWP wants to prove that there is another way for energy generation. The clean way is the right way for the world."

Eco Wave Power has released a video (below) of the testing of its small-scale wave energy generation system, which was carried out with assistance from the Hydro-Mechanical Institute of Kiev.

The Kiev Institute says all the Eco Wave Power Company floaters proved their workability and after laboratory tests they recommended enlarging the model.

Mr Leb says Eco Wave Power is a young and innovative company in the ocean energy field and believes in making quick, reliable progress. It aims to offer commercial scale devices within the shortest time, for the most attractive prices.

Mr. Leb also guaranteed to execute a fully operational system, able to produce 5KW from each floater, during the first quarter of 2012 - which he achieved with the medium-size plant.

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