UN Clean Development Mechanism Hits 3,000 Projects

By Julian Jackson - 08 May 2011 13:15:0 GMT
UN Clean Development Mechanism Hits 3,000 Projects

Image: Rainbow at Eurus Wind Farm, Mexico.

The UN's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) which is designed to help reduce greenhouse gases from developing countries has reached 3000 projects: a wind farm in Inner Mongolia, which is a province of China. When completed, this clean energy facility will have 41 wind-powered turbines capable of producing up to 49.5 MW of electricity. It is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emitted by over 101,000 tonnes a year by reducing the amount of fossil fuels burned to produce electricity.

The CDM was initiated as part of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change to deliver real and transparent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) while contributing to sustainable development. The CDM has been a notable success in both attracting projects and also bringing in private investment to the sector.

A United Nations official concerned with Climate Change, Christiana Figueres, said, ''The world will not solve climate change without an ever-increasing commitment to international cooperation. That means the financial sector and business must be given ways and means to help put money and technology where they are most needed into the developing world, as well as into the developed world.''

Compatibility – Wind and Agricultural Farming, Wind Electricity Generation Project, India

Compatibility – Wind and Agricultural Farming, Wind Electricity Generation Project, India

There are now CDM projects in 71 countries. In addition to the 3,000 so far registered, there are about another 2,600 projects in various stages of being accepted. The CDM is a tradeable certificate system, where projects that  reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to sustainable development can earn credits for each tonne of carbon dioxide reduced.  These credits are saleable or can be used to meet part of the developing country's obligations under the Kyoto Protocol.

Welcoming the Xinjiang Dawn

Welcoming the Xinjiang Dawn.

Photos: Ivonne Sánchez Saleh: CDM Project 0728: Eurus Wind Farm, Mexico

Devesh P. Pimpale: CDM Project 1762: Wind Electricity Generation Project, India

Chanyi Fu CDM Project 0894: Xinjiang Dabancheng Sanchang Wind Farm Project, China

Link: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).