Solar energy for US student homes

By Adrian Bishop - 18 May 2012 11:58:10 GMT
Solar energy for US student homes

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Three student housing developments in America are to be run on clean energy. More than 9,000 solar panels are to be fitted at The Grove student accommodation in Flagstaff, in Arizona, Greeley, in Colorado, and Las Cruces, in New Mexico.

The installation by top renewable energy company, SolarCity, will generate more than 2.3 million kilowatt-hours of power each year.

Toby Corey, the Chief Revenue Officer at SolarCity, says, "Campus Crest is showing future generations there are better energy options available by giving students access to renewable power. It's possible for many housing developers to pay less for solar electricity than they pay for utility power and pass on the benefits of clean power to their tenants--SolarCity has completed more than 100 solar projects for housing developments in the U.S."

The solar power will halve the need for traditional electricity generation and will save more than 80 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year. This saving equals the CO2 emissions of around 7,000 cars each year.

Campus Crest Communities says sustainable living initiatives are key to the company's business and beliefs and it is delighted that the students share its philosophy.

Generating more solar energy will contribute to Campus Crest's mission to be a leader in the clean energy field and will help limit carbon dioxide emissions and cut energy bills, as well as giving increasing the energy efficiency of the student homes.

As part of Campus Crest's drive to make a positive impact on the environment, the economy and student housing communities, it is working with two like-minded organisations. The Institute for the Built Environment (IBE) based at Colorado State University, encourages stewardship and sustainability of natural and built environments and the non-profit Center for Living Environments and Regeneration (CLEAR) promotes global regeneration.

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Campus Crest, Ted W. Rollins, and Vice President and head of Campus Crest's sustainability initiative, Andrew H. Young, say the scheme contributes to the company's commitment to clean energy and regeneration. It shows that economic and environmental factors can come together and help make a thriving company.

Director of Projects for the IBE and Executive Director of the CLEAR, Josie Plaut, says Campus Crest is an ideal example of a responsible company with a balance approach to achieving excellent results. It is looking forward to working with a responsible company that cares for the environment, while making strong financial returns.

Campus Crest Communities, Inc. develops, builds, owns and manages more than 6,300 high-quality, purpose-built student apartments close to campuses.

SolarCity offers clean energy products and services-providing homeowners, businesses and government bodies with cleaner, cheaper options to their utility bills.

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