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By Claire Slee - 16 Feb 2023
BP - From International Oil Company to Integrated Energy Company

"BP investing in offshore wind power, increases recruitment"

BP is embarking on a new chapter in its clean energy transition by investing in offshore wind power. In order to support this effort, the company has announced a global hiring spree in the field of renewable energy.

BP's new offshore wind farms are expected to provide clean energy to more than one million households in the UK and the US. This will be a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions and fighting climate change.

The company plans to invest more than $10 billion in renewable energy over the next decade, with a particular focus on offshore wind power. This investment will help to create jobs and drive economic growth in the clean energy sector.

To support its renewable energy goals, BP is now recruiting for a range of positions, from engineers and project managers to data analysts and digital experts. The company is looking for candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences who are passionate about clean energy and committed to making a positive impact on the environment.

BP's move into offshore wind power represents a major shift in the company's business strategy, as it moves away from traditional fossil fuel production and towards a more sustainable future. With its global hiring spree, BP is not only demonstrating its commitment to renewable energy but also providing new job opportunities in a rapidly growing sector.

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