Rainforest Alliance and UTZ reinvented to fight against climate change.

By Dave Armstrong - 15 Jun 2017 8:40:0 GMT
Rainforest Alliance and UTZ reinvented to fight against climate change.

You can gaze at global warming effects and wonder how severe they would be without climate change. Don’t start denying that anthropogenic change is obvious: the evidence is against that. The question here is whether we can stop multi-national agricultural companies from stripping our last forest assets. Then we can begin reorganising the bigger carbon footprints of the worst climate offenders.

Climate Change Effects image; Credit: © NOAA

The Rainforest Alliance and the sustainable farming organisation, UTZ, are merging. While the former conserves dwindling forest resources, UTZ derives from a Guatemalan (Mayan Quiché) organisation that produced sustainable coffee. Together, it would seem business and community action could be improved to benefit farmers, the environment, both business and consumer!

In countries where forest remains, farmers have been conserving natural resources in some ways for many generations. To grow crops sustainably has generally been the aim of small farmers who belong to their land, unlike the profit oriented companies who have been stripping natural resources. By 2019, new standards of true sustainability will be in effect on a global basis.

The certifications by both organisations allow some pesticide use, so organic farming is not an essential for growers. More emphasis in the future will be placed on workers and training, health and safety. Greater impact on politics and business practice by the new NGO can be expected, with the new CEO being Han de Groot. The figures support such a strong voice for forests, as they can absorb 10-14% of our carbon emissions. Without forest and swamp and marine absorption mitigation of carbon dioxide increase, temperatures will inevitably rise faster. As the US withdraws from the Paris Agreement, global warming politics is more and more about action, rather than denial.

Palm oil, coffee and community forestry represent major concerns about rainforest. This new organisation, still named as the Rainforest Alliance seems best fitted to prevent further steps to destroy environment, biodiversity and sustainability. More on their work will be found on their news section at The Rainforest Alliance.

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