UK or Republican “deniers” are worst?

By Dave Armstrong - 30 Dec 2014 13:10:0 GMT
UK or Republican “deniers” are worst?

No snows, early snows (and floods) on this particular city and numerous storms and freak events are finally being explained as meteorologists struggle to interpret global warming effects. With scientific analysis, at least we no longer have to blame it on unknown causes; Central Park image; Credit: © Shutterstock

There is little to choose between carbon dioxide and methane emissions or several other causes for the climate change we so obviously suffer on this planet. The storms, floods, droughts and sea-level rise all point to a terrible change in atmospheric and oceanic conditions. Those who believe science is wrong about possible causes still exist Forgetting that scientists have very different views on exact causes, politicians in particular have latched onto armchair speculators who claim their individual thoughts might have some bearing on the exact situation. Yes, it is almost 2015, so before we wish the Old Year out, here is a right rant about global warming and certain politicians who should forever remain nameless

The tea-partying Republicans in the US and I’m sure many Indian and Chinese politicos who have interests in the energy industry are now joined by several European parties. Apart from the obvious Polish links with coal, many Western European nations have avoided the fossils, and even nuclear power generation after the Japanese tsunami. Only the French nuclear investment remains, along with one proposed power station in England, to be built to an old Chinese design. The latest deniers are the non-party of British politics, the UK Independence Party. Incredibly successful against an inadequate but stable coalition government, these vote-catchers are appealing to fossil man and woman with the numerous links to coal, oil and gas in Britain’s ex-industries. Their industry and energy spokesman, Roger Helmer is now relating how climate alarmism is grossly exaggerating temperature rises, presumably dismissing the really alarming figures for 2014. The UKIP follow the idea that we have had 18 years without global warming (check the ocean temperatures, if you want to believe them).

Roger Helmer is an MEP, which is odd, as the UKIP want to exit Europe and drift to a position in the mid-Atlantic. There is only one figure the UK public recognise in the UKIP, after several dismissals for unfortunate conduct. This new one may finally take his place at the top table as champion of the frackers. The PM, David Cameron already has this area as his own, however, so another angle will have to be found. Elections loom next year so we can expect even more crazies emerging from the woodwork.

The danger in these ultra-conservative judges of our climate change is that they conveniently ignore, the opposite alternative theories to official bodies such as the IPCC. What if the emissions cause even greater change than those estimated by models? The chances of a 4oC. rise are very high, and much greater rises could easily happen if the politicians can’t agree on control. Smaller rises in CO2 and lower temperature rises are always being discussed ass if we have not passed the likelihood of a 2oC. level long ago.

Our sympathies must be with the storm-ridden Filipinos, the New York citizens who were flooded and more, the drought and wildfire effects on farms and homes and wildlife on every continent and the campaigning Oceania citizens with their dwindling island areas, as the sea creeps up on them. These people accept that CO2 emissions are the most likely factor that we can do something about. Those who deny that are sitting in comfort, trying to express their inexpert opinions for the rest of us. Join the campaign to eliminate nonsense from the climate change argument, especially if you have upcoming elections. And vote for the far-right Republicans or UKIP, if you prefer your government to be amateur!

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