WattStation could open consumer charge to electric vehicles

By Colin Ricketts - 08 Jun 2011 16:9:0 GMT
WattStation could open consumer charge to electric vehicles

A new charger for electrically powered cars has been launched. It not only cuts down the time taken to juice up an electric car, but - with a launch in the Italian style capital Milan and design by Yves Behar - does so stylishly.

The GE WattStation could be an important step towards making electric cars a more practical proposition say its makers.

Designer Yves Behar said: "Good design is when a new technology enters our life and makes it simpler, beautiful and healthy."

The launch took place at the 'Power-Gen Europe' exhibition at Fiera Milano City, on Tuesday, June 7.

Todd Johnstone, chief executive officer of GE Energy's Industrial Solutions business in Europe, said: "Major manufacturers are now launching electric cars into the mainstream market, however if they are to find widespread consumer acceptance the power grid must be modernized and charging stations must be accessible, quick and easy."

"GE Energy is bringing a family of charging stations to the European market, offering domestic and commercial users a range of easy to use, flexible and stylish systems to make electric vehicles a practical everyday reality."

The WattStation cuts charging time for electric cars down from around eight hours to under one hour for a 24 kWh battery and a full-cycle charge. It is designed to be used in public settings and at home and is set up to allow upgrades in technology to be easily added.

GE has shown its support for electric vehicles by planning to stock its own company car fleet with 25,000 of them by 2015 which will also be available for lease to other businesses, and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Immelt said he hoped the purchase would "move electric vehicles from anticipation to action."

Image Credit Top: © General Electric Company