Toyota builds hydrogen stations ready for new fuel cell vehicles

By Colin Ricketts - 11 May 2011 16:3:34 GMT
Toyota builds hydrogen stations ready for new fuel cell vehicles

America now has a hydrogen fuelling station with its own pipeline to demonstrate how hydrogen fuel cell hybrids can fill up in future from a network of stations comparable to the current petrol infrastructure.

The station, in Torrance California, is collaboration between Toyota, Air Products, Shell, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and the US Department of Energy (DoE).

Fuel cell vehicles are seen as a possible greener alternative to traditional oil-powered cars, but unless a network of fuelling stations exists no one will want to buy them.

''Building an extensive hydrogen re-fuelling infrastructure is a critical step in the successful market launch of fuel cell vehicles,'' said Chris Hostetter, group vice president, product and strategic planning, Toyota Motor Sales. ''We plan to bring a fuel cell vehicle to market in 2015, or sooner, and the infrastructure must be in place to support our customers' needs.''

The station is a first for Shell too, which has never previously worked with a vehicle manufacturer on a station, and will feature a learning centre to promote hydrogen as a fuel.

Funding from the Californian government comes as part of its Hydrogen Highway initiative to make the state welcoming to alternative fuels.

Toyota benefits too and will generate electricity for their nearby offices.

Toyota say the station will result in a CO2 emissions cut of 10,000 tons.

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