Solar electricity comes to your home-free!

By Colin Ricketts - 02 Apr 2014 12:40:0 GMT
Solar electricity comes to your home-free!

Solar energy image; Credit: © PassivSystems

Solar photovoltaic cells (PVs) are developing efficiency fast and there is no more advancing area than the optimisation of usage with suitable software. One company that uses its software with a subsidiary of Macquarie is the UK's PassivSystems. Irradiance-adjusted data from rooftops has helped develop the software, with the future suggesting a large subscription base of users, all contributing more data.

Subscribers are tied to a 5-10 year contract. The "free solar PV" roll-out targets up to 25,000 homes' rooftops. The software monitoring platform adjusts to irradiance and also captures data and faults so that the maximum yield is available at all times. Free solar panels for residential premises will be available for 1500 houses per month, depending on the installers.

Zero carbon homes in Italy are the inspiration behind PassivSystems various technologies. While Macquarie are rolling out up to 25,000 PV installations on private and social housing in the UK, PassivSystems are further enhancing their software to match the specific housing types. Nottingham and Bournemouth are likely to be among the first to appreciate the extra efficiency of the software analytics. The result will be additional document management, asset tracking workflow, audit and management software in 2014.

Individual homeowners can take advantage of a platform holding the software in . 21 million UK households have internet connections, in addition to cell-phone use (mobiles.) so the vast majority of the population will have access to a free system, paid for by the supplier!

Good news indeed. The follow-up of massive solar installations will hopefully leave Britain with a solar capacity greater than the tremendous wind and tidal power uptake to date. The short-term winners are the end-users in their house, with no costs and free daytime electricity. We have no way of making the sun shine at night yet, but you never know.

Income from excess FIT , fed into the National Grid and subsidised by the UK government will be inflation-proofed seems to go to the companies owning the equipment. The founder of PassivSystems is Colin Calder who is capable of putting it all in a nutshell with "The way in which organisations monitor their solar PV systems can make the difference between an investment fully realised and an investment exposed to unnecessary risk. The rooftop PV systems managed on the PassivPro platform will provide consumers with green sustainable energy and help to reduce their energy bills."

Earth Times hopes you are all first in the queue.