Coca-Cola's vending machines save the environment and the thirsty

By Rachel England - 12 Jan 2011 9:25:0 GMT
Coca-Cola's vending machines save the environment and the thirsty

Coca-Cola Japan Co. announced the launch of its new eco-friendly 'green roof' vending machines towards the end of 2010.

Green sheets containing a combination of a moss known as 'sunagoke' and artificial turf are fixed to the top of the company's beverage vending machines, which are hoped to lower the units' surface temperature, thereby improving the machines' cooling efficiency and reducing energy consumption. The green sheets are able to adapt to weather conditions, with the moss ceasing to grow in dry periods and during the snowy season.

The new machine design also incorporates a pump function that works alongside a refrigerant that is free of hydrofluorocarbons, which allows certain beverages to be warmed with the heat created in cooling others.

Tokyo Coca-Cola Bottling Co trialled the design in Tokyo's fashionable Jiyugaoka area alongside the community's tree conservation promotion, and will donate a portion of its sales to local environmental causes.

Earlier in the year, Coca-Cola System in Japan, which consists of Coca-Cola Japan and 12 bottling partners, introduced another environmentally friendly vending machine, equipped with solar panels mounted on top. This model, called 'ecoru/Solar', uses solar technology to harvest energy during daylight hours and subsequently provide night-time lighting with no energy consumption.

The ecoru/Solar vending machine model also uses LED lighting in its display in order to further improve energy-saving performance.

In addition, it is also equipped with the same heat pump design as other eco-friendly vending machines, and it uses a HFC-free refrigerant and vacuum insulation panels like the 'sunagoke' model, described above.

Coca-Cola System in Japan installed about 1,500 ecoru/Solar vending machines across the country by the end of 2010, and hopes that all of its ecologically-sound vending machine models will improve environmental awareness in areas where people gather.

With its international business slogan, 'Live Positively - Make a positive difference in the world', the company says it has been performing various actions in each branch of its business in order to move toward sustainable growth with society.