Charging stations make Californian roads more electric

By Colin Ricketts - 16 Jun 2011 13:35:1 GMT
Charging stations make Californian roads more electric

Electric cars are now more accessible in California thanks to a new network of charging stations.

ECOtality is the company behind the scheme with 10 of their Blink Pedestal Chargers now installed in San Diego's Balboa Park.

"San Diego has been a terrific project market for ECOtality, and its high levels of consumer and stakeholder interest make it an excellent proving ground for electric vehicles," said Jonathan Read, CEO of ECOtality. "The Blink charging stations installed at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Centre and at the San Diego Air & Space Museum - as well as the commercial Blink charging stations appearing in EV Project markets nationwide - underscores our commitment to smart EV deployment and placing charging stations at locations that fit the lifestyle of EV drivers." San Diego's mayor Jerry Sanders said: "I'm proud San Diego will be one of the first cities in the nation to encourage residents to purchase EVs, and that we'll serve as a model for other cities as they look to deploy their charging infrastructures."

Since starting to install the charging stations in December last year, ECOtality has put in 1,400 of the machines. By the end of this year there will be around 1,000 Level 2 public and commercial charging stations in San Diego alone with 30 publicly available Blink DC Fast Chargers.

"The installation of electric vehicle charging stations outside of the Fleet presents an exciting opportunity to highlight the importance of environmental stewardship to our visitors," said Dr. Jeffrey Kirsch, Executive Director of the Reuben H. Fleet Science Centre. "In conjunction with two current exhibitions focused on sustainability, 'So WATT: An Illuminating Look at Energy,' and 'San Diego's Water: From Source to Tap,' we hope to add an exhibit component within the science centre where visitors will be able to learn more about electric vehicles and make real-life connections to the outside charging stations."

"This electric vehicle project signifies the State's commitment to diversify how California uses cleaner vehicles and fuels to transport people and goods on our state's roads and highways. Ten years from now we will look back and remember these early charger installations as the first steps in getting one million electric vehicles on the road," said California Energy Commission Vice Chair James Boyd.

Top Image: Blink(R) Pedestal charging stations installed at Balboa Park, located outside the San Diego Air & Space Museum adjacent to the San Diego Municipal Gym. (Photo: Business Wire)