Challenging the electric car's critics

By John Dean - 22 Jun 2011 15:55:0 GMT
Challenging the electric car's critics

One of the major objections routinely thrown at electric car manufacturers is the range of their vehicles. They are incapable, critics say, of driving long distance without lengthy stops to recharge their batteries.

Now, owners of Tesla Roadsters are preparing to challenge the claim by staging an endurance rally in Hong Kong.

The event on Sunday (June 26) will cover the entire territory, including Kowloon, the New Territories, and Hong Kong Island, and the owners say it will be the most energy-efficient rally ever staged.

Fifteen vehicles will take part and the drivers are being challenged to cover 200 kilometres without recharging.

The event is raising money for the victims of the North-eastern Japan earthquake through Civic Force, a Japanese non-profit organisation.

Owners of vehicles taking part will donate at least $500 per Roadster and manufacturer Tesla Motors HK will match the donations.

Elsewhere, Renault and electric vehicle services provider Better Place have announced a partnership to bring a zero-emissions car with a switch able battery to Australia.

French company Renault will introduce the Renault Fluence Z.E to Australia from next year and Better Place will provide the electric car charging network.

Cars will arrive in Australia by the middle of 2012 and initially be available for customers in Canberra, to be followed by general sales later in the year.

According to Better Place, it will start creating the charging infrastructure in Canberra towards the end of this year, and expand the service so that by 2013, Australia has the biggest electric car charge network in the world.

Under its plans, members of the scheme will have unlimited access to batteries, public charging spots and battery switching stations, as well as home charging points, which will also be installed at places of work.

Top Image Credit: © Tesla Motors