Environmental accolade for US company GE Aviation

By John Dean - 07 Apr 2011 13:59:0 GMT
Environmental accolade for US company GE Aviation

Image Credit: © General Electric Company

American company GE Aviation has secured an award for its commitment to the environment.

The company won the Corporate Award for Balance at the 37th Annual Lindbergh Award Celebration and Dinner. The accolade is bestowed on organisations which have demonstrated concern for the environment and dedication to improving quality of life.

The Foundation is a public non-profit organisation, based in Anoka, Minnesota, which focuses on technological breakthroughs to address aviation environmental issues.

Larry Williams, Lindbergh Foundation Chairman and CEO of BRS Aerospace, said: ''GE Aviation's technological innovations have produced tremendous gains in fuel efficiency. Their dedication to research and technology that reduce fuel consumption, noise and emissions is exemplary, and certainly worthy of Lindbergh Foundation recognition. GE's work is an excellent model for other manufacturers to follow.''

David Joyce, president and CEO, GE Aviation, said: ''GE Aviation is committed to developing new, cost-effective technologies that enhance customers' environmental and operating performance.''

The company runs an 'ecomagination programme' which has 110 products in the portfolio, all based on GE's belief that solving environmental problems is good business.

A number of the products are designed to improve an aircraft's fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, including:

- The GEnx engine, which will soon enter commercial service on the Boeing 787 and 747-8 programmess, which has been designed to improve fuel efficiency by 15% against the engine it replaces, equivalent to 15% less CO2

- The TrueCourse Flight Management System is a hardware and software avionics systems that allows aircraft to fly a more direct and precise path when landing, resulting in lower fuel consumption along with lower emissions and noise impact

- GE's Required Navigation Performance Services help aircraft operators achieve consistent economic and environmental benefits through an advanced form of navigation

- OnPointSM Fuel and Carbon Solutions help identify and track operation improvements that could reduce fuel spend by an average of three per cent.

- The GE90-115B engine powering the Boeing 777 is designed to be more fuel-efficient than its closest competitor, enabling it to use 18% less fuel

- CFM56 Tech Insertion aircraft engines produce on average 28 percent fewer NOx emissions than the engine lines they replace.