Nissan Electric recruit Margot Robbie

By Dave Armstrong - 22 Feb 2017 10:40:0 GMT
Nissan Electric recruit Margot Robbie

The appearance of Margot here, after her driving performance as Harley Quinn, will certainly enhance Nissan’s chances in the all-electric market.

Nissan Bladeglider image with supporting actress,; Credit: © Nissan Electric

The Nissan motor company have many irons in the fire, but electric cars should be the hottest. With sales of the Leaf all-electric reaching worldwide, the newer models may be more interesting than the fast and light bestseller. Its 200,000 units have been overtaken to some extent by 150,000 of the TESLA sedan from the US, over a shorter time.

The Bladeglider sports car shown here could be one answer, with small vans and others based on the Leaf. Whether a Californian-style family car will follow is a guess, but electrics are so fast,(100kph in 5 seconds) there is little need to buy a sporty version for many people. The problem with them all is range.

If you forget to charge fully, the Nissan will travel for less time than you may need, while long-distance driving would need extra stops for rapid charging, given an infrastructure of charging points. These are now available in such countries as Norway and to a lesser extent in California or the UK, where electrics are most successful.

This push for sales is encouraged by a competent driver, known to us all as Margot Robbie. She is the new ambassador for Nissan electric cars. The shots illustrate a mis-spent youth in gaining driving competence, unless the camera is kidding us. She certainly adds allure to what is a very sexy car. The vehicle has great headlights, a very attractive chassis and a classy boot! What this does for sales of the sports car is difficult to judge, but hopefully the company put this on sale in suitable markets and then use Margot to sell some larger model. Investment is needed in electric vehicles, as we become fuelled by more solar and wind energy. Thinking some Chinese or Australian coal is powering your innovative car will certainly bring you down from your low-carbon mood.

Battery power is the key to all this racing around the Monaco Grand Prix circuit. If Nissan really aim to electrify the world, the weight and capacity of their 220KWh pack will need to be adjusted, with the result making a journey of more than 300km possible.

Margot Robbie may have enough heat of her own to apply. Here opinion is expressed as,It’s a really exciting time for electric vehicles. More people are choosing to go electric, leading the way to a more sustainable future and the Nissan BladeGlider hints at the future of smarter performance cars. She could be right, but the half-way step of hybrid electric/gas (petrol) cars is already upon us, and needs to be swept away in order to save weight and fossil fuels - so they can be left in the earth where they belong. She could also mention the Paris Agreement and how pressing it is that we move to implement all those promises, empty though some of them may have been.