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Nicolette Smith has been working as a professional Writer, Proof-reader and Copywriter since 2007. She has experience writing for a variety of industries, including the pharmaceutical, software, publishing, financial, cosmetics and entertainment industries. She has written for "The Herald Express" newspaper, the website On the Box, and has recently been awarded a prize for short-story writing by "Writer's Forum" Magazine.

She earned a Bachelor of Laws in European law from the University of East Anglia, and has since become a fervent supporter of green EU policies. Nicolette is constantly on the lookout for a suitable environmentally-friendly alternative to the toothbrush, but has so far discovered only a lacklustre substitute in the form of a device fashioned entirely from wood and discarded boar bristles.

Cough, cough; how air pollution affects our hearts

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Global warming and environmental disasters threatening food supplies

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Where now? Long-term consequences of Japanese tsunami disaster

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Never mind zombies; invasion of the Tamarisk trees is officially here

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Of human frailty; how susceptible are we to the dangers of climate change?

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Mass extinction is here and we don't want to keep it waiting

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Mushrooms; scientists reveal potted history of a neglected food source

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Multiplier Effect theory supports 'I'm with Stupid' survival technique

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New evidence confirms manifestation of ancient mega-drought

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Global Warming; the early warning signs

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Causative link in fish between Bromine concentrations and Mercury deposits

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Silver to solve urgent need for emergency water supplies

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