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Based in London and a Freelance photojournalist from 1992 to date, Louise has been commissioned by leading magazines around the world, specialising in the natural world, travel, science and technology and the polar region. Her website contains representative examples of her photography and writing. She has been commissioned by publications as diverse as The Times, the Guardian, Geographical, BBC Wildlife and Sports Illustrated and her features are syndicated worldwide by Rex Features press agency in London and the Science Photo library. She is a member of the Association of British Science Writers.

Louise has been leading expeditions to the high Arctic since 1999, visiting Franz Josef land in Russia, Svalbard in Norway, Nunavut in Canada and Greenland. She spent 4 months in the high Arctic leading expeditions and on assignment during 2008 alone. She has worked with film crews from the BBC, National Geographic, Galatee and Brazilian TV in various Arctic productions supporting them in the region and is considered an expert in the field. Louise is an extremely experienced ice diver and Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Divemaster and she visited the Antarctic on the yacht Pelagic Australis to dive and photograph in January 2009.

Louise also works directly for television and film companies in scouting and production manager roles on a freelance basis. Recent assignments have included scouting for French film company Galatee in Greenland for narwhals, and planning the shoot and setting up all logistics for a basking shark shoot in Cornwall. She has an excellent working relationship with BBC Current Affairs and develops ideas jointly with them.

An exhibition of Louise\'s polar photography opened at the Scott Polar Institute in Cambridge in March 2008, the first by a contemporary photographer at the prestigious venue.

Polar photography exhibition by Earth Times writer Louise Murray

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Microbes can cleanup uranium

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Global climate affects stability of modern societies

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Sterile male mosquitoes could help in the battle against malaria

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Scottish first marine reserve reaping rewards of protection

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Rapid increase in ice loss from the Canadian Arctic

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UK soil bacteria DNA mapped in world first

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Arctic coasts slipping away

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Antarctic penguins in trouble due to climate change

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Cave fish have evolved to sleep less

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Arctic ozone hole moving south

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Jet contrails major contributor to aviation's effect on climate

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Deep water thresher sharks come into the shallows for a wash and scrub-up

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Two new species of freshwater stingray discovered in the Amazon

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Death key to sex life of Satyrium pumilum orchid

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More ice leaving polar ice sheets than ever before

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Organic burials: corpse to compost in six months

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Is the sixth mass extinction of life on earth already happening?

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Endangered Great hammerhead sharks tracked into the north Atlantic

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Loggerhead turtle migration mystery solved

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Scavenger T.rex much more like a hyena than a lion

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'Thunderthighs' - a new species of dinosaur discovered

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Tapping volcanoes for superefficient geothermal energy

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Elephant numbers on the increase in Kenya

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Can plants evolve fast enough to cope with climate change?

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Asian tiger numbers could triple

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8,000 years of man made environmental impact

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Sharks dying for soup - stop shark finning

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China, worlds biggest greenhouse gas emitter introduces more pollution controls

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Lunch with a crunch - eco-friendly edible insects

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Growth rings in deep sea corals reveal climate data

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Glaciers in meltdown

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Sumatran tiger survey reveals numbers strong

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Dolphins in rehab get hearing tests

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Tracking down the elephant poachers

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Deep-water corals in the Gulf of Mexico found fouled by oil

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Mapping Earth's ice from Space

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Listen Live to whale song from your PC

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Hybrid tugboat - environmentally friendly shipping

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Atlantic sharks in deep trouble

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Narwhals used to explore frozen arctic waters

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Peak Coal: The New Black Gold?

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Saving the world from global warming, digitally

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Past decade sees over 1000 tigers killed in continued illegal trade

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Wireless charging for electric cars

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Ocean acidification threat to coral reproduction

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